Service & Support


Cober offers a full set of services including:

  • Training and education
  • On-site system service and support of Cober and non-Cober systems
  • Remote system service and support via Cober Internet Diagnostics Online (iDOL)
  • System startups
  • System calibrations
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Refurbishments and upgrades
  • Controls programming
  • New system design


Cober is proud to provide a series of training programs on:

  • Operations and maintenance of Cober equipment
  • Preventative maintenance procedures
  • Microwave theory and concepts
  • Application and drying processes
  • Safety

System Service and Support

Cober offers on-site support, calibrations, repairs and diagnostics and troubleshooting services.  Remotely, Cober uses it’s Internet Diagnostics Online (iDOL) functionality to securely connect to your system over the Internet for diagnosis and remediation of operational issues.  iDOL is installed as a standard part of all Cober oven products.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer periodic preventative maintenance (PM) service programs on your equipment as well as training on PM processes and procedures.

System Upgrades and Refurbishments

Upgrades to controls, safety, mechanicals and electricals as well as refurbishments can be made to Cober systems which have served a long life in the field.  Depending on the type of work required the refurbishments can be done at the customer site or at Cober’s factory.

Controls Programming

Automation is key – we bring process automation to new and upgraded systems in the following areas:

  • Process control
  • Closed-loop power control for optimum heating
  • Data collection and analysis

New System Design

With over 50 years of large scale heating and drying application and systems design experience we are experts at drying process creation and the design and manufacturing of systems to implement that process.