Products at Cober

Cober provides a complete line of curing ovens, heating and drying systems and microwave generators.  For industries including automotive rubber, construction and infrastructure, Cober manufactures infrared and shock hot air preheaters, microwave vulcanization ovens and high temperature high velocity hot air curing ovens across a range of power levels and lengths.  Our line includes both standard and custom-built systems, both continuous and batch.  For other applications requiring precision heating and drying Cober produces a wide range of hybrid heating systems using microwave, infrared and hot air in both atmosphere and vacuum environments.  All systems include precision power control, process monitoring and remote diagnostics and support capability.

Cober microwave systems are driven by Cober-built microwave generators ranging from single digit kilowatts to megawatts of power, in both the 2450 MHz and 915 MHz frequency bands.

All equipment is designed and manufactured in Stratford, Connecticut, USA.

Continuous Vulcanization Systems

Microwave Ovens, IR Preheaters, Shock Preheaters, Other

Process Heating and Drying Systems

Ceramic Dryers, Laboratory Systems, etc.

Microwave Generators

2450MHz - 1kW to 10kW, 915MHz up to 100 kW