Industries Served


Cober vulcanization and process heating systems are used in numerous industries including automotive, infrastructure and construction, pharmaceutical and medical research, environmental, laboratory and science, food and more.  All of these industries require heating processes that are closely-controlled, selective and precise – something which Cober heating systems deliver.  In particular, the unique traits of microwave heating allow for higher throughput and better quality products than alternative heating mechanisms.


Door, window and trunk seals and weather stripping, low pressure fluid tubing, gaskets and seals, shock mounts

Infrastructure & Construction

Door and window seals and gaskets, road and bridge seals

Pharmaceutical & Medical Research

Personal hygiene products, brain chemistry research, tissue ablation, medical waste abatement


Water and air filters, etc.

Laboratory & Science

General laboratory heating, scientific research, chemical testing


Bread, breadcrumbs, bacon cooking, drying of organics, tempering