Your objective isn’t just to buy a machine – you’re buying a curing, heating and drying process plus expertise in your unique application to help you deliver a quality product. Cober has 50 years of experience developing and becoming expert in many types of process heating applications and solutions – and delivering them to customers through a high quality system .  Our systems and applications knowledge spans applications ranging from continuous vulcanization of rubber to rubber preheating, ceramic drying, pharmaceutical product heating and drying, environmental, medical research, science and laboratory, metal melting, food baking and tempering and many others.  When you buy a Cober system you’re getting years of applications knowledge baked into every machine.

Rubber Vulcanization and Preheating

Continuous vulcanization of automotive rubber, skin curing, shock preheating, coating drying, bale preheating

Heating & Drying

Ceramic drying, pharmaceutical heating and drying, research, science and lab, metal melting


Dough baking, food drying

Cober has also built systems for applications including:

  • Medical waste remediation
  • Pressboard drying