About Cober



Our headquarters covers approximately 30,000 square feet and houses our manufacturing floor, an applications laboratory and our corporate offices.



Founded in 1966, Cober manufacturers industrial heating and drying systems for industries including
automotive, pharmaceutical, ceramics and laboratory for the processing of products such as rubber,
semiconductors, food, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more. Cober’s drying technologies
include microwave, hot air and infrared. We are staffed with experts in microwave science, electrical
and mechanical engineering and industrial heating and drying for industry-specific heating
applications. We manufacture standard and custom systems and provide support to customers all over
the world. In addition to on-site service we provide support remotely using our Internet-based
troubleshooting and diagnostics capability.

Cober equipment is 100% designed and assembled in the USA.


Our Machines



Cober Electronics was founded in Stamford, Connecticut in 1966 with the objective of providing microwave heating equipment for industrial use. Since then Cober has been supplying quality microwave power generators, components and systems to industry, science, medicine and government…for the processing of such diverse products as rubber, semiconductors, food, ceramics, chemicals, foundry molds, waste remediation, pharmaceuticals and countless other applications requiring innovative forms of process heat.

In addition to being a complete microwave heating equipment company, Cober has also developed and supplied high power microwave transmitters covering nearly all of the microwave frequencies. Cober is proud to have played a role in producing test systems for the Patriot anti-missile system. We pay the same attention to quality, reliability and performance on all Cober equipment.